Roof Repairs Stirling Saved Our Kitchen

Roof Repairs Stirling

Guest post by British chef Alexander Grey

I own and operate a small kitchen in the UK, specialising in fresh seafood from around the British Isles.  My mother is Scottish and my Father is from England, and I grew up eating lots of freshly caught seafood, coupled with classic great British vegetables, like potatoes, leeks and other winter veg.  I first started getting into cooking when I went to university and had to fend of myself.  While my room mates were happy chowing down on pizza and baked beans, I was always known for being a bit more extravagant with my meals, especially for a student.  I loved cooking, and when I left university I though, this is what I want to do, at least for now, so off I went and got a job in the first kitchen that would take me.  Over the years there have been many ups and downs, but this is the story of one of my more recent challenges, and how a small company dealing in roof repairs Stirling saved my kitchen.

Roof Repairs Stirling

Why Did I Need Roof Repair Stirling

This winter was a particularly stormy one, and there are still signs of more storms to come.  I have forgotten all the storm names, but I remember the impact they had on the wee British Isles.  Severe flooding, battering winds and major storm damage was felt all over the country, and the UK population is no stranger to bad weather, which shows just how bad it really was.  This weather battered the UK for several weeks, coming in lots of storm cycles every few days.  We are hoping the worst of it has already been, but as is standard with UK weather, you can never be too sure.


Leaking Roof During Sunday Breakfast

I arrived at work on a chaotic Sunday morning, fighting through howling wind that was blowing the rain sideways.  I unlocked the door to the cafe, hung up my drenched coat and headed through to the kitchen.  I was greeted by a nice puddle of water all over the floor, and disconcerting drip running down the far wall.  The ceiling looked like a fully loaded sponge that could drop at any moment.  I got straight on the phone and managed to find an emergency roof repairs Glasgow based company that could be there within the hour.

Roof Repairs Stirling

Business as Usual

As the rest of the staff began to arrive, I explained to them the situation, then told that the day would go ahead as planned, since we had the roofing company on the way.  Their was some disgruntled faces about this news, but we cracked on regardless and got the water mopped up, got a bucket and started prepping for our guests.  By the time the roofers arrived, the worst of the weather had passed, which meant they could get up onto the roof and get the job fixed by lunch time.

Roof Repairs Stirling

Plan For the Worst

One the biggest takeaways I got from this experience is that you have to be ready for anything.  We could have went home that Sunday and gone back to our beds, however we not only addressed the problem there and then, we also served up great food to our customers that day that were seeking shelter from the rain.