How to Start a Food Blog And Use Instagram Bots

If you are as passionate about food as we are, there is a high chance that you want to share your food and message with the world. The power of the internet means that you can now share all your recipes, experiences and ideas with people all over the world, and start a community of followers and food freaks that want to see your foody goodness. It can seem daunting at first, but starting any type of blog is relatively simple, especially if you break it down into steps. We have had our blog up and running for a few years ago, and we started just like anyone else, with a passion for food and a creative flare. We want to bring what we have learned to people that want to have their own shot at become a voice for the community in the form of an online blog. We discuss everything from hosting to content, aswell as our advice for using Instagram bots to automate your social media activities.

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Starting A Blog With Instagram Bots

First thing you are going to have to consider with your own blog is how you are going to host it. Remember that you are essentially starting your own website, so you need a website hosting service. There are lots of free hosting platforms out there, but we recommend that you get your own hosting and use a platform like WordPress, which has a ton of impressive features to make your blog come to life. You can get hosting for a few dollars a month, and it gives you complete control over your website and its content.

Next you want to have a good name. There are thousands of blogs out there already, so make sure your blog does not share the same name as one that is already out there. Your name should be descriptive but also personal, so spend a bit of time on this step to make sure that you have a good name.

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Then it is time to set up your website and start putting out content! This is where the fun begins. Try to write in your own voice and make it accessible to others. Don’t make it to formal and don’t use over extravagant words. Keep it fun and easy to read, and this will attract more people to your blog aswell as holding peoples attention when thy land on your blog.

Now it is time to promote it. This can often be one of the harder steps, but we have a few tips for you. Make sure that you are set up on all the major social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. You should be supporting your blog content by publishing posts and sharing your content on social media aswell. You can help to grow your online social media following with help from Instagram bots. This is a special tool that allows you to automatically engage with lots of accounts so that you can get followers back.