The History Of Fried Chicken


Fried chicken, it is very popular, but do you know where the original recipe originated? Many people think the first chicken was a new idea to humanity and that God just mixed it up with all of the other wild new inventions. Others believe the mother of all birds has been around for a long time and just has the name “fried chicken” to get more people familiar with its name. Some believe that it is actually a cross breed of chicken and duck and that God created a way to make both of these chickens look similar. How interesting would that be? Just thinking about that makes me want to grab my digital camera and run down to the kitchen to start filming some of this.

Well, anyway, back to the story, fried chicken does not originate from fried duck, it actually came from some very popular poultry. A common poultry in the southern United States is the chicken that goes by the name Rooster, which sounds like the word cock, which is a common word that originates from the Middle English word “cock” meaning “salt”. There is also a chicken that goes by the name Shrimp, which is one of the popular colors on the market today. Even some birds that are called “pigeon” have different breeds of chickens that resemble pigeons.

Maybe the most interesting of all of the strange origins is that the word “chicken” itself has origins that you might not expect. In fact, a typical chicken as we know it was created in an area of India, the region of India known as the Thar Desert. Although the name chicken and other terms like “poop”splatter” are typically associated with the use of sewage as a method of collecting chicken excrement, the original word actually means something to do with grass in addition to fecal matter.