January 2009 archive

TNLocavore is back – married!

It's official.  Marc and I are no longer living in sin.  We got hitched this past November up in the mountains and it was the best day of my life.  It' was a gorgeous day, the trees were in full color and friends and family from all over were there to celebrate with us.  We made apple butter to share with our guests as favors so we even got some local flavor styled into our wedding.  Here's a few pictures from the wedding:



Untitled  Walkingpic2

Our photographer was Julie Roberts who's fantastic!

The past weeks since the wedding have been a bit hectic and stressful.  We both work in retail and are self-employed so the holiday season is our crazy time.  The week after the wedding, my Mom had a heart attack (thankfully it was mild).  Thanksgiving weekend, Marc's dad had some heart issues and had to have surgery and developed complications the next week.  Then my Mom broke her ankle and had to have it operated on.  I went home for a few days because my dad was going to be out of town and my Mom needed help with my sister.  Then Marc's mom had knee surgery and now has pneamonia.  This week, we're attempting to refinance our house and that has turned out to be anything but routine.

Sometimes I find it hard to get as excited about local cooking in the winter as I am in the summer.  It's easy as can be in the summer – all that amazing produce gives you so many choices.  But I've also found that the limiting myself by trying to cook seasonally and/or locally has made me a better cook.  I have this theory that when you cook with limits (example – kosher, vegetarian, local foods), it challenges you more.  It makes you step outside of the everyday cooking that most people do and that makes you a better cook.  So while things may be kind of crazy around here, I will try to make time to post the recipes I'm trying.